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Monday, September 24, 2012

InterBlur in LV

Hi All Y'all,
Well, I'm getting back in to the swing of the blog-e-ness.  Hope you are digging where you are at too.
I just back from Interbike!  Whew! It is really really (dare I) really big.  I had lunch at the Cliff Bar booth (thank you and yumm).  New flavors and other yummy stuff.  Everything else is a hazy shiny blur.  Except!  SockGuy and Nutcase.  They both had great booths and fun new stuff.  I love the new Nutcase bike bells!   Ding Ding!   SockGuy I just love you.  I can't wait until I can have ALLONEWORD socks... then i will know that I made it to the big time.
See you around town!  I'll update the show info and other stuff to.  :)  soon.
Mary Elizabeth