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Friday, August 27, 2010

Crustacean Time .... can't touch this....

Here is this cool ... thing ... I put together today.
Broken Watch + vintage Lobster = Crustacean Time
It's like Hammer time but with out the dance .. and pants.
PS the 8 bucks is not a price.  It is how much money I owe Dolo.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New Workshop! It is great

Hi All,

Here are some pictures of my workshop:

I am so happy working here.  


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bond, Heat and Bond

Hi Ya,
Sometimes I feel like things happen to me that don't happen normally to most folks.   Case in point: Heat and Bond.  I use heat and bond film when I am sewing.  It is a simple process iron on what looks like paper to the fabric.  Peal off the paper and iron the fabric unto the other piece of fabric.
I have been making the bills for caps the last few days.   I am not sure how the next part happened except that I am very active while sewing.  A piece of the Heat and Bond without the paper backing got on my hip.  Well, it has been pretty darn hot here in Alameda and I am usually warmer than most folks.  You guessed it I Heat and  Bond-ed myself to my clothes.  Ouch.  Right on my hip too.  ouch.
It is too hot to sleep but I am going to try anyway.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The home workshop is great and...

Hi Everyone,
I have a workshop in my room!  Yup.  It's all done up fancy like too.  I have photos to post... soon.  I even have some crafty organizational tips.  Yes, that's me all organized.  :)X

I do mean all organized.  Every box I moved the last few moves was opened and unpacked.  Old photos have been sorted.  The clothes that are to big for me have been given to charity.  Things I don't want or need sold or donated.  As of right now the items in this room plus two bikes and a large sewing machine comprise all that I own.

I feel pretty good about it too.  As my things here become more compact my caps are going out to far away countries (Finland, Norway, France et. more).  Such is the dichotomy of existance for the objects in my life.

See you around town,

PS I just got back from putting the last load of clothes in the washer.  On a whim I double checked the pockets.  Volia!  My iPhone.  :)X sans bath.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Silk Screen Printing and more...

Hi Ya,
So, I went to this book shop with a friend for coffee (it is her favorite coffee).   Dangerous for me to be in a bookshop- any bookshop.  Of course I found a book that I like: 1,100 Designs and Motifs from Historic sources by John Leighton of Dover Press.  Here is a sample page:

At first I'm just looking at the pictures thinking of them in an Art History kinda way.  Then I think how cool these images would be on ... well lets say a cap.   Only the size is all wrong and I will want to use only parts of some of the patterns.

Then it hits me!  I can change the size of the motifs.  I can change the colors of the motifs.  I can mix, match, and over lap the designs.  Because all I have to do is scan the images in to the computer and burn a screen for printing.

Then it hits me -- again.   Copy right laws.  I don't steal ideas from anyone.  Not in school and not now.   I take a look at the back of the title page and the heavens open up in song:

"You may use the designs and illustrations for graphics and crafts applications, free and without special permission"

 Yippie.  and Sweet and also Nice.
Thank you Dover Press.
Mary Elizabeth

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just the Plaid Man ... going, going ... gone.

Hi Ya,
Well, one of my favorite caps is sold out.  I found this beautiful gray plaid last year and bought several yards.  Now, of course I wish that I had bought the whole bolt.   I can't get any more of that fabric so no more Just the Plaid Man cap.  Here is a picture:

First alloneword cap to sell out.  Darn nice cap.
Peace out,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Keep Swimming... and repeat

Hi Everyone,
Still trying to get things organized.  However, I took a bit of a break to make my second favorite cap.  Here it is:

It is based off the Montano Velo shop Logo.  I was inspired by it and kept thinking about it.  Then I had to make the logo into a cap.

I hope you like it too.