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Friday, May 29, 2009

moving stuff back and forth. again and it was my Birthday.

Hi Everyone,
I had a wonderful birthday.  I went out to eat at La Note in Berkeley and Acquacotta right here in Alameda.  Both places are so very good. 

I am taking a clue from my housemate Ruth.  She has reorganized her workspace and fabric.  It looks great and I want to be organized too.   However, I keep moving things from my home to the shop and back again.  Someday I will have it done and organized.  

Off I go to be productive.  :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I got good tickets!

Just to end the mounting suspense.  I got great tickets.  In the balcony row B.  I am very glad.  The sound quality is great and the stage is right there! 
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Peace Out,

Tori Amos Tickets go on pre-sale

I am so excited that I can't sleep.  Tori tickets go on sale today!  at 10am.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

birthday eve

Hello Everyone,
I had lots to do today and did some stitching instead.  I finished my Home Sweet Home sampler and now working on a new one.  It is called MR 1811.  I need to stitch some more so got to go.
Much Love,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NiaH and Caps

I didn't organize my shop.  But I did make some caps.  I have improved on the cap pattern.  I am so happy.  The caps are completely washable (just like blue jeans!).  Now with the serger I can even sew wool caps that look so good!
I hope you have a great tuesday.
Peace Out,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Christmas right around the corner!

Good Morning,
I met the sweetest lady, named MaryBeth, yesterday.  Her shoulder has been hurting her so she can't stitch.  How sad.  Mary Beth also has grandkids, happy joy.  Last year little Clare got her stocking this year is Conner's turn.  However, due to afore mentioned shoulder hurting she is worried it won't be done in time.  What a nice Grandma to plan ahead.

It looks like I will be completing the stitching on Conner's stocking.   The canvas is a large mesh with thin warp and weft.  And the image is of a winter mountain town night scene.  Lot of the colors are blues and purples.  It will be a difficult stitch.  But I like that kind of puzzle so I am looking forward to working on it.

Today is clean up workshop day.  I need to organize things and make more room.  Out goes anything that is not alloneword related.  Then tomorrow I can make up my cap orders and have them in the mail by the weekend.  Yes!

Happy Thursday,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Schoenstein & Co. Organ Builders Est. 1877

Hi Everyone,
I went to an open house at Schoenstein & Co. in Benicia CA. today.  They had a pipe organ all built and ready to play.  It was fantastic (and quite loud).  The organ is getting ready to ship to New York.   Here is a link to there website

My friend Dolores is an organ tuner here in the bay area.  Sometimes I get to "hold" notes for her.  That means I push the key (like in a piano) down until she tells me to stop.  While I am doing that she is inside (yup inside!) the organ adjusting the pipes until it is in tune. 

 It seems impossible to me that pipe organs actually exist much less make music.  There are just to many moving parts and ways for it to go wrong.  However, when I was looking around the Schoenstein plant I was amazed how clean and well organized it is.  I doubt that NASA is as organized and prepared.   I met some great folks: Jack, Peter, and Louie, to name just a few.  Please take a look at their modern zimblestern.  It is my personal favorite part of the organ (because it sounds like dancing fairies).

 I don't know if you need a pipe organ.  But if you do... this is the place to get one.  

Peace out,

PS I tried to find a YouTube video of a zimblestern playing but could not find one.  Do you know of one?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This news just in!!!! Blog CANDY prize!

I just found out that there is the way cool paper crafter blog that is celebrating 10K blog hits in 6 months.  Wow what an achievement.  She is having a contest with a great prize.  Here is a link to her page with the directions.

I found her through Black-sheep's Bit of the Web Blog.  Also a great blog to check out.  

I am going to have my own contest.  What should I give away?????  Hummm Hummm A Custom Cycle CAP or a pair of earrings?  Both?  Look for details on this blog soon.

All the best,


Hi Everyone,

Seems like the days pass by and I have no idea where they go (nor what I did in them).  

On alloneword I had a request for a large size cap.  When I found out who asked for it I was so happy.  It was this cool guy in Boston that makes these amazing designs on t-shirts.   Just so good to have someone I think is so good want something I made.  Nifty.  And, he knows some new to me slang.  I just love that.

Okay - I need your advice out there.  I have been getting lots of requests for Large Caps (23 / 24 inch)  I am thinking about having two sizes: "Regular" 21 to 22 inch and "Einstein" 23 to 24 inch.  Please comment.  I need your input.

Today I am off to get a hair cut, and to a fashion show with my Sis.

Also I have added custom option entry on my etsy site.  Please tell me what you think.

Mary Elizabeth