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Friday, February 19, 2010

New shelves and tables for the work shop... and Darkhorse Cyclocross

Hi Everyone,

I bought four new wire shelves and a new table for my work shop.  Then I realized that I had to haul them up a flight of stairs -- then assemble them.   Well, that took a few of my shop days and I am struggling to keep up.    But the shop looks great.   Soon I will be able to find stuff too.  Really.

I did not realize how many buttons I have.   (to many to say here on line -- but a silly amount to be sure)  I need to make more earrings... yup.  I ordered the findings and they should be here any day now.

I can't wait to make more caps.  I have new fabric and many ideas.  

I'll keep you posted.

Here is a picture of a special order I did for Chris of the Darkhorse Cyclocross team.

Friday, February 5, 2010

buttons buttons and white elephants

Button Buttons Button Mania !

Hi All,
I bought more buttons!  For fancy earrings.  I got them at the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale.  Which makes me think that I have been doing this blog - thingy for a year now.  I like it and hope you do to.
PS I bought a new helmet at Alameda Bicycle.  Now lets hope that I don't have to use it. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ummm, fell off my bike ...ish

Good Morning,
Well, it has happened.  I crashed my bike.  Actually, It would be great if it was that interesting.  It was more like I fell over while on my bike and smacked a lamp post with my head on the way down.  I was trying to avoid a driver who was parking their car.  I ended up laying on the sidewalk (still on bike) watching my Daruma bag getting run over by said car.

Lucky the bike and bag are fine.  Even more lucky Luna was at home (not in the bike basket with Daruma).   Lucky-er was that I near Cycle City -- I went there and the men folk took very good care of me.  (Shout out thanks to Mick and Dave)

The Lucky-EST part was that I had my helmet on.   The top of my head is a little sore from impact, but that is it.  I am thinking that the Lamp Post would have won that fight.  At this point I am calling it a draw.

I almost did not put that helmet on.  Glad I did.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Earrings on Etsy!

Well, I finally got a pair of my earrings on my Etsy site.  Here is a snap:

Glass vintage buttons on sterling silver wire.

I also finished a special order for caps.  Pictures coming soon.  He wants to surprise his team mates.  But in a couple of weeks ...


PS I am still working out the earflap patterns.  It will be ready for next fall.