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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alameda Magazine -- featuring alloneword!

Hi Ya,
Here is the article from Alameda Magazine May/June 2010 issue.  You can find it on page 27 of the actual magazine or the on line one.

I will send you a email copy if you would like.  Heck -- I might just make up flyers and t-shirts.  I am pretty happy about this.
Velo Love,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alameda Magazine -- featuring Alameda Bicycle and alloneword!

I am so excited.  The next issue of Alameda Magazine will be out this Thursday.  It will have an article about Alameda Bicycle and a little feature about alloneword cycle caps.  Yup, I can't wait.  I am so excited.  I was interviewed for this months ago.  They said there would be photos and everything.

Today, to prepare for the deluge of orders, I am cutting fabric -- a lot of fabric.  I also cut some last night.  Tomorrow back in to the shop to sew sew sew sew.  I have many new designs and a new series of black and white caps to make.

Have a great day,
Mary Elizabeth

Friday, April 23, 2010

alloneword cap sighted in Portland OR.

Hi Ya,
Got an email to day from Bobby B.  He saw someone sporting one of my caps.  Bobby asked him where he got it, and wrote me.   This is so exciting.  Wow.
Mary Elizabeth
PS this is the cap B.B. is thinking about:

Hey, I'm riding here!

                                            front view                                                            Pocket Foldable View

Roller Derby! Gal orders cap from me! alloneword

Hi All,
I am so excited.  This way cool gal in Philadelphia ordered a custom cap from me.  I get to put her Roller Derby name, team name,  and her team number on a dark blue cap.   I have so many ideas!  And she let me have carte blanche... wooo hooo ya! and a yippy!

I will post photos when it is done.

Tomorrow I am making a custom cap for my good friend Phaedra!  She wants a Dia De Los Muertos cap.  I have the perfect fabric -- dancing dead -- all dressed up (even spats).

Photo's tomorrow.

Now perchance to dream,

Here is a link to the Philidelpha Roller Derby My gal is number 305!
(Hint I really like the black tankish top with the PRD logo on it.  If you had to get some gift for me -- for next month.  For you know why... on the 28th)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi All,

Well, as you know I sold my car last month.  It was totally the right thing to do.  For my pocket book, my body, and eco - wise.   However, I have been having some difficulty switching my brain over from car ownership to car freedom.   I have all of these great options: city car share (just a 10 min walk / 2 min bike ride), Riding my bike, walking ( I live close to everything I need), and Bart/bus.   Somehow I still feel stuck here at the house.

The strange thing is I only used that car like once a month, and only if I was going off Alameda Island.  Why should its lack effect me so deeply?   Why would I want to pay so much every day for something I don't use?  

I was talking about this with my friend Jon S. and he said something about going against the socity norm.  It was such a big thought that I don't remember his exact words.  That was on Tuesday and it has finally sunk in.  I am doing something different then most folks -- by choice.  Makes me feel powerful and in control.

When I look at some of the aspects of my life it seems like that of a Victorian woman.  I own a Millinery, ride my bike around, rent a room (with a watchful lady at the helm), even the foods I eat tend to be "slow foods."  I guess that for me the big difference is that I am promoting the right to choose my transportation, not the right to vote.

There are ways that this right is just as important as other rights women have fought for.   Some people are surprised that I ride my bike at night or in the rain.  Or -- by myself -- a woman alone.   I am surprised that I am strong enough to do it, even though it is not physically difficult (given where I live).

My mind is opening as my body is becoming even stronger and healthier.  

Thank you for reading this long post.

Velo Love,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chaps! Cowboy chaps... i need um.

Hey Everyone,

Well, I am car free and it is raining -- pretty hard with wind too.  Not so good.  Do I ask my friend to pick me up on her way to work?   No!  Are we mice or are we WoMEN.   So, I don my bike vestments, get my Bridgestone MB-6 (rain bike) ready to go.

The ride in to work was not that bad. At first my shoes were a little wet.  Then my pants up to the knees -- more then wet.  At about the halfway point to work every part of me that is not covered in wool is drenched.  I get to work sopping wet.  Humm.  My wool coat kept everything above my waist nice and dry.  Needless to say my alloneword cap was snuggley warm and dry too.  However, my pants not so lucky...  Then I had it!  I need Cowboy Chaps!  But made of wool not leather.

This is the perfect solution.  I can put big snaps on them and do - dads.  And I will be able to pass all the other bikers because they will be immobile due to laughing so hard.

Okay.  I will make some cute bike pants made of wool.  No Chaps.  Not yet.

Have a great day,
PS There I was at work with extra wet pants and socks.   Then I had the best idea yet -- Iron them!   Then they were toasty warm and dry.  Me smart ... You Jane.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

City Car Share! I am so happy!

PS City Car Share ROCKS!  It could not have been easier.

Going to Walnut Creek... ALC 2010 20 caps!!!

Today is the test of City Car Share.  Lets see how it goes.  I am looking forward to driving a car that I know is running well, and that is not a "gross polluter".

I am also working on the Aids Life Cycle caps.  Trying to get those in the mail today!  or at least this week.  :)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Etsy, yelp, and reviews... and confessional...

Hi all,
Sometimes when I am a bit puny (as my G-ma would say).  You know just feeling a little blue and need to get going but can't.  I read the reviews folks have left for my alloneword caps on Etsy and Yelp.   Makes me blush a tiny bit -- and then I feel good.   I don't know if anyone else reads them or if they help anyone decide to get a cap from me (like to think they do).  But, those reviews do keep me going.
Thank you,
PS Last call for free ALC caps.  Email me if you are riding and want one.  :)  Cut off is Monday at nightnoon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Blog Templet...

Hi Everyone,
I keep trying to make this blog easy to read -- and short and sweet.  Please tell me if you like this format.
Thank you,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Blankets! Yup. Thats right Baby Blankets handmade by me.

Hi All,
Before I started making cycling caps I made quilts.   I found some fabric in my quilt stash and Voila! - Baby quilts.  Nine Baby quilts.  I have enough for the Dion Quintuplets with 4 more for you.  :)  Each quilt is about 3' square.  Perfect, I am told, for strollers and traveling.

The quilts are 100% cotton -- inside and out.  The top is hand pieced flannel in yummy soft colors and the back is also hand pieced stripes in the same super soft flannel.   Hand piecing (sewing the squares together by hand-sans machine) makes the quilt nice and floppy.  The flannel gives it a good weight & super warm.

They should be done this week and up for sale.  I am not sure if I should post them on Etsy or eBay.  Hummm.

Oh Yes!  And here are some photos:

top corner                                          back showing hand quilting.

See ya real soon,