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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick as a cat. & here is the Members Choice Gift Guide from the Etsy Voter

Still down for the count with this cold.  I did go NiaH for a few hours last night.  I wanted to go to my work shop too.  But, alas, I am still at home.   :(  Lets just turn that frown upside down!
Here is the Etsy Members Choice Gift Guide that Heidi Cap won a spot on.

It is pretty cool I think that you will like it.  I was up against some pretty cool Etsy-ians.  Please take a look.

Peace Out,
Mary  :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sick as a dog! and the Votes are in!

Hi Everyone,

I just checked the Etsy Voter and Heidi did not win, but placed very well indeed.  Now she will be included in Etsy gift guides and such.  Very very cool.  Thank you all I could not have done it with out you.

Not much else to say as I have been sick in bed since last friday.  I haven't stitched, drawn, written, walked the dog, or been on my bike.  I have only been outside in the back yard for Luna.

My Sis pulled through and hooked me up with some OJ and Apple J.  Go Sis.  Ruth gave me some cold meds.  And dear Roberta helped me out when I was just standing in the Rx section of the store not knowing what to do next.  She is always my cellular shout-out.
Peace out to my Peeps for helping me pull through.

PS I am planning on going outside tomorrow.  Yeah. m

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ETSY VOTER!!!! vote-which-oktoberfest-item-fills-your-stein-

Hay Everyone!
Vote for me!  Or look at all the cool stuff and vote for me (and you favorite -- they are the same -- right?).
  Here is a link

/Vote Which Oktoberfest Item fills your STEIN!

You need to sign up for Etsy to vote -- but it is really easy.  So get out the Vote!

Here is the cap that made it in to the Voter:

Lots of Love,
PS Thank you to Leila Jo for the cool name!  you are the winer! m

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Left Coast! and Right Coast!

My Cycle Caps are taking over the world! I am so happy! Alameda Bicycle is .... you guessed it.... Presenting... alloneword cycle caps! (and the crowd goes wild). Yippee! Yes! finally a local shop! Yippeeee!
Okay, no more exclamation points. I am just so happy. See, Alameda Bicycle got me started in the cap making game. Joie even has the first Lupe cap I made. Here is a quick snap of her in that historic cap:
Joie got me going and Jim is my very best customer. They both work at A. B. This is also the shop where I got my bike fixed up for commuting to work. Which, as you know, is how I lost 45 lb. and kept it off.
Alameda Bicycle has a special place in my heart because they have been so very kind to me. First they got my body in motion, then my mind. Here is a link to Alameda Bicycle:
Just a quick note. A. B. will have first pick of my newest caps. Caps so new that they are not on my Etsy site, nor any shop this side of the Mississippi. You would have to go to Brooklyn, NY ( ) to get caps this fresh.
See you biking around town,
PS a shout out to all my peeps over at AB. You know I love you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Photos of Caps!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are well. I am buying fabric and making caps. Here is a quick photo of the caps I have in stock right now. Note that cool reflective action!

I'm going to make some Halloween trick or treat bags. They are going to be super cute with some retro fabric and some extra reflective strips on it for safety. It is like the strips I use for my caps. And you can use them for a pillow case too!

PS and in honor of one of my favorite movies: