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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ho-down treasury! I'm in it! Look.

I am in a new Etsy treasury.  It is a special one for the Ho-down on thursday this week (oh my).  Please check it out Ho-Down Treasury.  This way you can see some of the nifty art and items available at the show.
See ya real soon,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Handmade Ho-down Dec. 3rd! just days away....

Good Morning Everyone,
    Caps Caps Caps Caps!   Making and preparing for the big Ho-down.  I can't believe how quickly it will be here.  I feel like I did as a kid getting ready for Christmas.  So much to do, and so little time.
   I work a bit at NiaH and then sewing!  Yippie!  Fun Fun Fun.  The thing is -- that it is fun.  I am tired and could use a bit of a break.  However, I really enjoy creating and making things people like.
Affectionally Yours,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Luna y Lucy - and the tiny bed...

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am just glad that I live where I live, and that I have such great friends and family.

Here is a picture of Luna in Luna's bed.

Here is a picture of Lucy in Luna's bed.

Lucy is my friend Dolores' dog.  Lucy is a silly black lab.  Luna is my dog.  She is a toy poodle.  Don't tell Luna but her bed is really a cat bed!  Lucy used to circle around and a round and scrunch in to fit into Luna's cat bed.  It is the cutest, funniest thing I have seen for ages.

The photos are from my phone (sorry about the quality).  Dolores and I watch TV and Lucy would circle in to the cat bed.  We would both laugh so hard.  Then I did a reenactment of Lucy getting into Luna's bed for Dolores.  No Photo of that!  (thank you)  But it was super funny and great to see Dolo laugh so hard.

Best Wishes,
(and Luna y Lucy dog pals)

Lucy y Luna in a dog bed

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Featured in Handmade Ho-Down Blog...

Good Day!
I have been featured in the Handmade Ho-down blog.   Please tell me what you think.  Here is the link, but you have to scroll down quite a bit to get to me:
See ya soon,

the whole cap from the article. m

Monday, November 23, 2009

Featherweight Singer circa 1938

Good Morning,
    Been making caps like a fool.   Then all of a sudden the needle tention stops working on my Featherweight sewing machine.  This is not good.  I use this machine on every cap I make.   I grab the tweasers and the oil can and get to work.  Within 15 minutes the Featherweight was humming along making those perfect little stitches it is so famous for.   Yippeee I am smart!  I fixed it.  

Friday, November 20, 2009

FRIDAY! my Monday...

Good Morning,
I had a great day with my pal MO.  We went to fourth st in Berkeley and I got some new craft stuff.  Yippieeeeeee.
Best of all if felt like Sunday.  A real Sunday with breakfast out and just hanging out.  Thank you MO.  I needed that.
Now off to make caps!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gabe at new shop super nice.

Hi All,
I did not make it to SF yet.  But I sent an email to Gabe.  He was super nice and I am looking forward to working with him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New shop in the City (SF) for my caps...

Good Morning,
Exciting news not only did I get 3 orders for caps on etsy but also have a sales lead on a shop in the city for my caps.  :)  good times

I've been making cool key chains out of bike inter-tubes for Handmade Ho-down swag.  My Grandpa was a cattle ranch owner and I found this great book of his "How to make Cowboy Horse Gear."   It has directions for a Magic Braid.  And that is the pattern I am using for the Handmade Ho-down swag!

Have a great one,
PS off to make more caps today.  Check out the bike shop in the city tomorrow.  wish me luck!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Excited about the Handmade Ho-Down!

Good Morning,
I can't sleep.  I am so excited about the Handmade Ho-Down.  This is my first real craft fair and I want it to well.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Remembrance Sunday

Good Night Everyone,
I used to always thank my Grandpa for being a Veteran.  He passed away earlier this year, anyway, Grand-dad - Thank you.  If you are reading this and you are a Vet (or family of one) Thank you.  From my heart I thank you.
PS Also in my heart is a longing that the Wars were over.  I don't comprehend what that would entail, nor what it would bring that about.  It just seems like we could all be doing something else.  Then I remember that Albert Einstein was a pacifist, until he couldn't be anymore.   I have no answers.  I can not make watches so I make caps.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More caps at Alameda Bicycle... soft wool ones.

Delivered some soft wooly caps at Alameda Bicycle today.  Here is a picture of the shop.

and my caps within:

I need to get going on my sleeping now.  More caps to make tomorrow.   The Handmade Ho-Down is right around the corner!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Tori Amos Album! and lots of new wool caps.

OOOhhhh Hi everyone,
Happy Day.   The new Tori Amos album just came out (13 min ago -- downloading now).  It is called Midwinter Graces.   There are some Christmas songs as well and some winter songs on the play list.  Well, I have to go and listen to it now.
PS Made bunches of wool caps to take to Alameda Bicycle tomorrow (Tuesday - today really).  I am also thinking about taking some caps in to the City.  An alloneword cap owner emailed me about a shop that might like to have some.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Night Rider on Watershipdown

I am super sleepy so this will be too short.  I love bike riding at night.  It is so calm and cool.  Luna was with me and she was sniffing the air the entire way home.   I must admit that I was breathing the night air deeply as well.  Hard to resist that fresh autumn sent.  The moon was half illuminated, in the fog on the horizon, peeking out between trees and houses.

I am reminded of a passage in Watershipdown.  Were it is explained so eloquently how the sun was needed and expected.  However, the glow of the moon was pure pleasure not to be counted on or useful.  Rather the moon light was intermittent and therefor to be savored.   Well that is what my sleepy head recalls at this late, or early, hour.  I will post the passage if anyone requests it.

Good Night Luna,
PS Got lots of sewing done today.  11 cap crowns and bills done.  (just need bands and tags.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

10 caps done! and three more finished! It is a personal best.

Good Evening,
Yup I got a bunch of caps done.   I am glad because the hodown is right around the corner and I would like some new caps at Alameda Bicycle, Bushwick Bikeshop, SewImages, and Velo Montano.  After listing all of them I feel like I should still be sewing.   smile.
Luna came with me to the shop.  She slept and looked cute for hours. 
Here is a studio pic of Luna:

Good Night,

off to sew caps! wool of course.

Hi All,
I am off to my workshop to make some more nifty soft wool caps.  I modeled a black wool cap for my sister and she said I look like one of those well dressed New York City gals.  I am beaming with happiness and pride.
PS Handmade H0-Down is right around the corner.  It is going to be fun!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Map = No Ride

P.S. Got lost and then got lost again.  Got frustrated, then I went shopping.  I bought some more wool cashmere blend (faun, dark navy, dark gray, and black).  It is so soft and yummy.

Nice Rack Cycling and Social Club first ride

Well I am going on my first NRCS ride tomorrow.  Yvonne is going to meet me at Tilden Park here in the East Bay.  Here is a link to the park map:

I'll tell you how it goes.  The next Nice Rack Cycling and Social Club meeting will be on 11/13/09.  Yes that is Friday the Thirteenth -- at Peets in Alameda (park and central) at 6:30pm to 7 ish.  I'll be at the benches out side.  See you then.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wool Cycling Cap a big hit!

I have been making wool caps, because it is so cold here in California.   Okay, it may not be as freezing as other places but, it gets cold.

Any - hoo, I have been making these wool cycling caps.  Last year I made a few and did not really care for the process nor the end product.  This year it is great!  I love making them.  The wool is easy to work with (i.e. forgiving, not wrinkling, keeping its shape).  I was super choosy and got some really nice very soft cashmere blended yummy wool.

I have sold two just today!   I am so glad that folks like them.

Here is a picture of the new grey plaid ones:

When I bought the plaid the bolt was marked "Michael Kors."  I don't know why.  However, It is a pretty rocking plaid.

You should know that Jim of Alameda Bicycle got this one, but I can make one for you too.  :)  (in less than a week)

I hope you are well.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de Los Muertos for my Mom and Family

Good Morning Everyone,
Its Dia de Los Muertos and I have been thinking of my Mom for weeks now.  As most of you know my Mom passed away almost ten years ago.  She was a fun lady and a great Mom.  Her name is Ruth Ann Dodge and she grew up in San Lorenzo, CA.  My Mom could make and sew anything.  She was just brilliant at it.  I like to think that a bit of her rubbed off on me.  At least I know that she taught me how to make all kinds of wonderful stuff and how to have a good time.  Often when I am sewing I feel like she is with me.  At those times it seems like she is proud of me.

Here is a picture of my Mom standing behind her Mom (Rosemary Bernice Dodge):

They both look so young here it is hard to believe that it is truly them.  My Grandma, at 92 years old,  still lives in the same house where my Mom and Uncle John grew up.

And here is a link to Wiki about Dia de Los Muertos  It is a holiday observed in Mexico.  I have always liked it because it brings the people I love and lost back to me for a little while.

All the best,

P.S.  A quick shout out to my peeps: Daddy, Grandmother and Grandfather Knutsen (I wish I got to meet you), Grand-dad, Uncle John, Great Aunt Ruth, and Auntie Dorthy and Uncle Cliff, Grandma with the White Hair aka Great Grandma,  Jim, Aunt Fae, and last but not least Uncle Bud and his daughter Linda.  I love you all, and miss you everyday.   (few add on for friends: Chris, , Wes, & GeS's Mom.)