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Monday, May 18, 2009

Schoenstein & Co. Organ Builders Est. 1877

Hi Everyone,
I went to an open house at Schoenstein & Co. in Benicia CA. today.  They had a pipe organ all built and ready to play.  It was fantastic (and quite loud).  The organ is getting ready to ship to New York.   Here is a link to there website

My friend Dolores is an organ tuner here in the bay area.  Sometimes I get to "hold" notes for her.  That means I push the key (like in a piano) down until she tells me to stop.  While I am doing that she is inside (yup inside!) the organ adjusting the pipes until it is in tune. 

 It seems impossible to me that pipe organs actually exist much less make music.  There are just to many moving parts and ways for it to go wrong.  However, when I was looking around the Schoenstein plant I was amazed how clean and well organized it is.  I doubt that NASA is as organized and prepared.   I met some great folks: Jack, Peter, and Louie, to name just a few.  Please take a look at their modern zimblestern.  It is my personal favorite part of the organ (because it sounds like dancing fairies).

 I don't know if you need a pipe organ.  But if you do... this is the place to get one.  

Peace out,

PS I tried to find a YouTube video of a zimblestern playing but could not find one.  Do you know of one?

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  1. I loved holding notes! Yes, the pipe organ is one amazing instrument! :)