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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Art of Dang My Etsy b-day gift to me (from me).

Hi Everyone,
I bought this way cool art on etsy.  It is from The Art of Dang.  Here is a link to the Etsy site:

And the Dang website:

And photos of the work itself:


verge speaks to you of love

I just love both of these images.  I saving up for the Verge Loves you painting.  My Verge painting is looking down at me as I write this.  I just love it.  I can look at everyday for the rest of my life.  It is just so good.

Check out The Art of Dang.  It is just to cool not to.

Peace out,
Mary E.


  1. fun art! colorful!
    how are you feeling today?

  2. thanks so much, Mary!
    it's always wonderful to have work out in the world and enjoyed!
    thanks again,