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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bina Bilenky & alloneword caps...

Hi All,
Bina Bilenky emailed these fab photos of her family in my caps!   They can be found at Bilenky Cycle Works in Philadelphia PA.

Bina Bilenky, Stephen Bilenky, Justin Trahan, and Bob Kamzelski

Bob Kamelski, Stephen Bilenky, Bina Bilenky, and Justin Bilenky

Stephen Bilenky, Bob Kamzelski, and Bina Bilenky

Here are two articles about Bina Bilenky. 

 I met her last year at the Philadelphia Bike Expo.  It was my first big bike event.  She was (and is) extremely helpful.  I am pretty darn happy she is working on the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show -- April 8,9, and 10 -- and I get to work with her again.


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