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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ummm, fell off my bike ...ish

Good Morning,
Well, it has happened.  I crashed my bike.  Actually, It would be great if it was that interesting.  It was more like I fell over while on my bike and smacked a lamp post with my head on the way down.  I was trying to avoid a driver who was parking their car.  I ended up laying on the sidewalk (still on bike) watching my Daruma bag getting run over by said car.

Lucky the bike and bag are fine.  Even more lucky Luna was at home (not in the bike basket with Daruma).   Lucky-er was that I near Cycle City -- I went there and the men folk took very good care of me.  (Shout out thanks to Mick and Dave)

The Lucky-EST part was that I had my helmet on.   The top of my head is a little sore from impact, but that is it.  I am thinking that the Lamp Post would have won that fight.  At this point I am calling it a draw.

I almost did not put that helmet on.  Glad I did.



  1. OMG, Mary! That's scary! I'm glad you're ok. Falling off a bike is one of my biggest's why I don't ride one. I'm very glad you had your helmet on. *hugs*

  2. Glad you put your helmet on and that you escaped serious injury! Hope there are no lasting effects. I'm always waiting for something like this to happen to me on my bike.

  3. Yup. I was more nervous before I fell. Really it all worked out. I have a bruise and that is it. I love riding and I am not going to stop. I just feel so much better on the days that I ride. Even yesterday.

  4. Wow Mary! I'm glad you're ok. Please me careful! Luv ya!