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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Selling my car...

Hi Everyone,
Well, as it comes down to it I am nervous about being "carless".  Tomorrow is the big day and the plan is still on.  However, I don't know what the hold up is emotionally.  It seems so ingrained that having a car is somehow the adult thing, and might I say it the American thing as well.

I really believe that I don't need a car while I live in the Bay Area.  Months have gone by and I have not used it.  There is good and great mass transit here in the East Bay.  CityCarShare is wonderful, easy and cheep.  I will save hundreds of dollars a year (maybe even thousands).

Still I have this hesitation in doing the deed - finally being done with the car.   I will be healthier without it.  It is a good economic choice.  (and it is pretty darn eco-happy).

I love riding my bike, especially in the rain.

Car Owner,
PS My plan is to mail the Aids Life Cycle caps soon -- so I will cut off the give at the same time.  I wanted to give out at least 20 and I am at 18ish.  Tell your friends to email me if they are going to ride in the ALC 2010.  I will give them a cap -- for fund raising --or just for fun.

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