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Saturday, June 19, 2010

blog in new colors!

Hi ya,
I have been trying to do a little silk screen printing.  Well, I have been stenciling and stamping (with my own hand made stamps and stencils).  It is turning out really well.  I even did a wash test and it worked!  Now more team caps... I hope.   And I can design my own fabric.    It is just hard to find axolotl fabric in the shops these days.  Coelacanth fabric is pretty much extinct too.  However, I am going to make some!  With glow in the dark ink too.  Nice.
Pictures some time soon.
Made a cap for a great gal named Kim.  She came by the new shop to try it on and pick out trims.  She has great taste and the cap is super cute.  Win Win.
Night all.

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  1. forgot to talk about the new Blog colors. please tell me if you like/unlike them. It is a work in progress...