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Thursday, June 24, 2010

When working with a new product...

Hi Ya,
I have been trying out different techniques for team caps.  You know with the Logo of the team and the name all spelled out.  Well, any hoo.  Todays lesson was in Iron On Transfers.  And the results were ... mixed.  I mean filled with great features.  Such as having your team name easily read by drivers in passing cars looking through their rear view.  

The next great, um, feature is seeing how interesting the effects of types of transfer paper.  Notice how the top one is not so much with the easy reading.  And the bottom one looks wonderful when you hold your laptop up next to a mirror.

The nice thing is that, after reading the entire directions, I learned a new way to put fancy images on caps.   I also a few ways to make them interesting as well as fancy.

I hope you enjoyed this time at Mary's Craft Corner.   A quick shout out to Peter D. - my peep over at Team Alameda.  Fun guy to work with.  :)  I am glad he liked the image ( you know once I fix it).

Lots of love to you all,

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  1. That is one lesson I learned, too, when creating fun hockey logos for my son's 3-on-3 tournament teams. Take care!