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Sunday, July 25, 2010

philly bike expo -- getting ready

Hi All,

Joie in earflap cap 2009
I am getting caps ready for the Philly Bike Expo in October.  Every time I get nervous about it I sew some more caps.  I need to get my winter caps up and running too.  I want to have two types of warm earflap caps.  One the traditional style like I made for Joie last year (see photo), and one with a twist (to be seen soon).
Daruma-San Silk Screen Print by me

Fabric has also been bought for a messenger type bag.  Like the one I made for myself (if you have seen it:)  Only the new bag will be made in this nifty black, gray, and white cotton that I am going to silk screen Daruma-San on top of.  The big question is flap or no flap?  I have this beautiful plaid wool that is for bags too.  That one will definitely get a flap to keep water out!  (A problem I had last winter with my current flap-free cotton bag.

I can't decide if I should bring my earrings to the Philly Expo.   Or to the Hayward, Days of the Dead show on the 16th of October.  Humm

See you around town,

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