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Friday, July 9, 2010

two turn tables and a ...

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while.  It is always strange to me how it seems nothing and everything has happened at the same time.

I have been house and hound sitting for the last week.  The hound busted out of the back yard. She came right back.  I was in shock for a bit.

I bought more fabric and thread.  I have almost all the fabric ironed and ready to sew.  I got 10 yards of batik fabric ironed and cut in to strips for the cap head bands.  Nice.  Now I have a gray/black and purple binding.

Just in the last few days I received via Etsy 2 orders for Just the plaid man caps.  One to the East coast the other London England.  If I get them done tonight I can mail them in the am.  So, even though I worked very hard all week -- more to do.   Lets get it done and then we can play a bit before sleep.


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