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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bond, Heat and Bond

Hi Ya,
Sometimes I feel like things happen to me that don't happen normally to most folks.   Case in point: Heat and Bond.  I use heat and bond film when I am sewing.  It is a simple process iron on what looks like paper to the fabric.  Peal off the paper and iron the fabric unto the other piece of fabric.
I have been making the bills for caps the last few days.   I am not sure how the next part happened except that I am very active while sewing.  A piece of the Heat and Bond without the paper backing got on my hip.  Well, it has been pretty darn hot here in Alameda and I am usually warmer than most folks.  You guessed it I Heat and  Bond-ed myself to my clothes.  Ouch.  Right on my hip too.  ouch.
It is too hot to sleep but I am going to try anyway.


  1. Ow...that heatbonding yourself business does not sound like fun!

  2. Did the Heat and Bond ever come off or are you still stuck?