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Monday, August 23, 2010

The home workshop is great and...

Hi Everyone,
I have a workshop in my room!  Yup.  It's all done up fancy like too.  I have photos to post... soon.  I even have some crafty organizational tips.  Yes, that's me all organized.  :)X

I do mean all organized.  Every box I moved the last few moves was opened and unpacked.  Old photos have been sorted.  The clothes that are to big for me have been given to charity.  Things I don't want or need sold or donated.  As of right now the items in this room plus two bikes and a large sewing machine comprise all that I own.

I feel pretty good about it too.  As my things here become more compact my caps are going out to far away countries (Finland, Norway, France et. more).  Such is the dichotomy of existance for the objects in my life.

See you around town,

PS I just got back from putting the last load of clothes in the washer.  On a whim I double checked the pockets.  Volia!  My iPhone.  :)X sans bath.

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