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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mimi's Blanket all done.

Hi Everyone,

I just had the best day at work.  We had a wonderful group of stitchers (The Vintage Stitchers) in the shop today.  They are such nice ladies and great stitchers too.   And, they brought super yummy BAKED goods!   All in all it was a busy day, and fun filled!

On Monday 2/16/09 I finished repairing Mimi's blanket.  It was one of the best days I have had doing restoration work.  Mimi said "I feel like you made my Mom safe."  I can't even tell you how much that meant to me.  Right then I knew that I was doing the work I need and want to do.  

Here is a picture of the blanket in progress:

All finished in the best room in the house:

While working on this blanket I felt like I was getting to know Mimi's mom.  The knitting was so perfect.  Each triangle has the same tension and size.  Having consistent tension in any kind of needle work is essential for a quality piece.  Her work is amazing.  The only part of the blanket I had to work on was where the triangles were joined.  It seems like the cotton had stretched and given way in places due to age the weight of the lace.

When presenting the finished blanket to Mimi she told me a bit more about her mom.  She was a criminal court lawyer and passed the bar in the 1930s.  That she actually defended people in court that were on trial for murder!  Natalie was quite a firecracker and only her husband ever called her Bitsy.   

Also her mom was not very domestically inclined.   She was not one to do crafts all of the time.  However, she did knit and some crochet.  The blanket was a big project and took many years to complete.  It is truly a masterpiece.

Here is a photo of Mimi with the beautiful blanket:

Mimi is very happy with the blanket.  Her plans are to "keep it in a guest room where she can see it -- and people won't touch it." 

More soon,
Mary Elizabeth

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