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Saturday, February 7, 2009

This news just in:
I am so excited. I was just startled awake with the possible  answer to my cap problem.  Two cap patterns! 

I can have a prêt-à-porter ("ready to wear" less fitted more versatile sized cap) and haute couture (custom made one by one) cycle caps.  Both caps with the flat lock seams and great graphic design.  However, the prêt-à-porter will be less fitted with hat elastic around the crown of the cap.  This should solve the sizing problem and make the cap more secure at high speeds.  The Haute couture cap will be fitted to the wearer and incorporate their design elements.

It seems so simple now.  Now I can make performance caps for my Etsy and at my local bike shop clients, and make fitted caps for my clients here in town.  

Wow so cool.    
The cap issue aside,  I just had to share my moment of inspiration.  In the morning (when I am awake) I will explain the caps and the issues I have been working on.  But, just right now I wanted to give you my feeling of creativity and joy.   The creative process is so interesting to me.  It is so amazing what the brain does.  I seem so uninvolved.  Matisse said something about this in his Jazz book.  I'll look it up and get it to you in the am.
Thank you for being here.

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