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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oakland used to be called Brooklyn (circa 1860)

Hi Everyone,

It is silly how late it is and yet I am so excited I want to write and share it with you. Today is a big day in alloneword history. I sent my first wholesale order to this cool shop in Brooklyn. Here is a link:

Take a look at their web site. It is nifty. The shop looks great too. I hope that I get to visit them sometime soon.

Yep, Bushwick Bike Shop ordered 10 caps on tuesday and I mailed them out Saturday. I can't wait for them to see them.

Here are a few pictures of one of my latest cap (Crafty Pirate) and a personal favorite.

Finally a little sleepy (it's 3:08am),

PS I tried to get these photos to line up all nice and pretty. They know that I am sleepy and they can get away with it. Aaaarrrrrgggg!

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