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Friday, July 31, 2009

the enchanted square ... my housemate ....

Hi Everyone,
At last an entry all about my housemate Ruth. She is the artist behind The Enchanted Square.

Here is a link to her shop:

She is also has a blog about her home design work:

And a blog for her art/craft:

Take a look at her stuff. She is just amazing. I can't believe that Ruth gets all of this done and she is the Mom of three kids. (great kids -- but three of them). To top all of it off she is stunningly beautiful and dresses well daily (real clothes -- no t-shirt and jeans, unless she is painting a house). This last bit is hard for me to admit, but she also makes her own bread, cooks real dinners, & makes lunches for the kids.

It is a good thing for me that Ruth is such a good person, funny and gregarious. Otherwise I would have to dislike her on principle. Nonetheless, I count her as a dear friend and artistic inspiration.

Check out her stuff! Right now! Go!
Mary (aka just happy I make a few caps now and then -- and care for my dog)

PS I forgot that she also makes Wedding Cakes and does some catering too.
(makes me tired just thinking of it all)

PPS And she has been instrumental in getting me set up on Etsy and started our shop Central Ave. There links to both of these to the right of the screen. Ruth has also taught me how to photograph for posting on the web, and .... Well all that etsy stuff. Thank you Ruth!

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  1. Oh Mary...I am blushing. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. You forgot to mention how tired I am some days. :)