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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Found Mag. and Velo Brooklyn Two great things that taste great together with alloneword...

Hi Everyone,
I feel just like a big company CEO!

First: I was featured in this great bike blog:

for this fab shop in Brooklyn called Bushwick Bike Shop. Here is a link to their shop:

I love the pic on the site opening page of the sexy lady on the bike. Please note that the Flicker slide show starts with a pic of alloneword caps. Yeah. I am that good. :) Well I don't really feel that good, however, Bushwick Bike Shop is so cool that I feel a little cool just knowing them.

Next: I'm actually going advertise in one of the premier zines in the whole omni-verse. (drum roll please) Found Magazine !!!! If you don't know who they are please click on this link:

They are fall on the ground funny. Be careful not to read it to much at work. :) The find of the day is a bit addictive.

Page me later,

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