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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ear Flaps -- and wow it really is cold out side...

Well, I have been thinking about this ear flap thing for my caps.   The problem is that they look  kinda silly and yet are warm (which out weighs silly).  I have this idea to make the "flap" part not as big -- maybe just an inch or so more would be enough.  And I think that if I made it in a dark color or a *blendie color it could work.
I have to get some orders done then I can make some prototypes.  Photos to follow...
Please feel free to make suggestions.  I was also thinking about making the flapie bits removable (velcro).  Hummmm

* very technical term referring to a color that does not stand-out.  There for it "blends" in.  Ergo the word Blendie.
P.S. "the reference was obscure" Indian Ink by Tom Stoppard.

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