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Sunday, November 7, 2010

alloneword booth in Philadelphia Bike Expo and in San Francisco Bike Expo

Hi Everyone,
Here are my booths in Phila and San Francisco:
Philadelphia Booth
San Francisco Booth
Both Expos were wonderful and I meet so very many great folks.  I can't wait for next year -- in Phila and SF.  

In the first booth they supplied the white curtains and metal poles.  I thought that was normal and would always be curtains at all expos.   But, no they are not.  This is why it is good to read the entire rental agreement.  The poles and curtains are an "extra".  My plan of hanging my caps al a Phila would not work.  After a few minutes I got an another table, and put them on end, covered them up with fabric.  Then the booth was looking good.  It looked like I knew what I was doing.  Nice.

A few folks remembered my caps from the Handmade Ho-down from last year, and the Dia Di Los Muertos from last month.   So very happy.

Peace out,

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  1. missed you at the booth! checked out the dirt jumpers then was with my girls in the fashion show =)
    hope to meet you soon