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Monday, November 29, 2010

old and young peer pressure ...

Hi Everyone,

It seems when I hear of peer pressure it is in reference to teens and or young kids.  However, I find that even as an adult I am swayed by peer pressure.   I can see my Mom telling me to stand up and do what I want (she was like that).   "What were you doing? Sitting there with your finger in your ear?" Mom would say.

The problem is even though I am older, and I like to think a little more savvy, so are my peers.  They are not even being mean, these folks are my friends.  They want me to be happy no matter how much I don't like it.

Good news:  no new crapy tattoo like the last time this peer pressure thing happened (I was in my twenties then).   Don't get me wrong. I love me a nice tattoo.  I don't have a nice tattoo.  My tattoo is a La drunk guy and flash.  Sad thing is my friend that I went to the tattoo place with was peer pressured my me.   Yes, that is the insidious thing about this very problem.  You can do it to others without knowing or even trying to.

What did I do?  I got my hair dyed brown.  Not a big deal.  I know.  However, I liked the color my hair was before: a pretty soft darkish blondish brownish.   I spent 100 bucks (I can ill afford to spend) to change one of the aspects of my appearance that I LIKE.  Man.  and darn.  And I want my 100 bucks back.   And I would like a spine, ninny that I am.

The color has mellowed and it looks good up close as well as from a distance.
Peace out,

PS: Just a little note to the men folk out there.  When a woman (any woman - friend, lover, wife, sister, Mom, stranger on the street) asks you what you think of the new hair cut and color.  Do not say that it "looks good from a distance."   Yes boys and girls he said "looks good from a distance."   Close friend or not I like you a little less now (not really but - ouch).  The worse part is that the hair dresser said the very same thing.   "No! he didn't" (you would say if you were here).  Oh yes, yes the hair dresser did.

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