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Friday, November 12, 2010

last names...

Hi Everyone,
I was watching  Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie today.   Suddenly, I remembered that when I was newly divorced I would look at movie credits for a new last name (as I no longer wanted my ex's last name and no longer felt like a maiden).  You know try on a few new names to hear how it sounds.   Sometimes, I would try out famous author names, or the parents of authors I like.  My favorite is Mary Shelley's mothers last name: Wollstonecraft.
Peace Out,
PS I'm looking for a home for my friends cat named Toby.  He is healthy and 16 years old.  See, my friend had a baby boy who is allergic to cats.  (drat)  If you are interested in having the coolest cat in town live with you leave a comment on this blog.  I'll get back to you directly.

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