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Monday, March 23, 2009

Daruma San The red one for me. The blue one for ... you? I just love this guy.

Daruma- San.

A new week! Okay, In the morning I am on my way to my workshop, after a few hours helping ladies at NiaH. I really enjoy opening the shop for special appointments. It is fun getting to meet new folks and see what everyone is working on. The group tomorrow is from a quilt shop in Fremont. Monday is the only day they can come in because it is the day they are closed. I also quilt and so I am extra excited to see what projects they bring to work on.

After closing shop I am going to make a tote bag for myself and one to sell on Etsy. One bag with a red Daruma and one with a blue Daruma.

Here is a pic of the fabric I got at the Oakland Museum White Elephant sale with the Darumas printed on it. It is one of those banners you have to duck under when going into a good Japanese Restaurant. When everyone bows, everyone is equal.

I love Daruma! He is the best. Here is a link to an article about him and his image:

I am also going to make a belt. I got the 29-4 "shoepatch" singer sewing machine all queued up and ready to go. A few weeks ago I found this way cool horseshoe shaped belt buckle that is aproximatly 2 inches in height. Tomorrow I'll take a picture to show you. Hopefully the picture will be of compleated projects! We will see. I also have buttons to sort, and beads to manage. And, lots of information to enter in to Quickbooks. However, I really need a belt and a bag ...

Wish me luck!

Post Script: About the delay in posts. For that I am sorry. I was house sitting and they don't have internet access. Can you believe it? I felt like I was in 1900's house on PBS! Which is kinda funny because their house is an old (beautiful) Victorian. Really, I felt very lucky to have such good friends who would trust me to care for it, and like I got to stay at a B & B for a week. It was very nice. However, no late night posting for me.

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