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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Morning,
I can't believe how fast the last week has gone.  Well, more fun stuff tomorrow.  Part of having a business working with textiles is the business part.  To help me do that I bought a Mac.  It is great.  I am so happy with it.  It is why I am able to write to you now.

At the Mac store they have a personal teaching service.  For 99 dollars you can set up one on one classes each week for a whole year.   This is great, now I don't have to bug folks I know to teach me.  I have learned so much already.   And there are hands on workshops too.  Thursday night I am going to one focusing on webpages, blogs, and the like.  I'll report back how it goes.

Really, a big thank you to all the folks who have helped me at the Bay Street Store.  Everyone has been so kind to me.  I am so glad that I have them to help me.
Mary Elizabeth

Post Script: Just started watching The Tudors via Net Flix.  Wow, what a sexy show.  And the costumes are great, whenever they decide to wear them.  And very beautiful people when they are not.   m.e.

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  1. I *love* The Tudors - politics, sexual intrigue and divine costumes! My absolute favourite is the one jacket King Henry wears with ornate embroidery all over - I drool over that jacket.