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Thursday, April 30, 2009

AND CAPS! Gary Fisher you ROCK! AND Cycle City in Alameda.

AND I spent all day in my workshop making caps.  I thought that I might want to mention it because this is a textile Blog.

The caps are turning out really well to.  Just a bit more tweaking and the pattern will be complete.  I thought that I had it all dialed in.  But I was using a twill fabric and it hangs differently than the calico cotton I am using for the summer caps.  Man that is FRUSTRATING.   Then it all comes together and I am "feeling good."

I must also admit that my new bike is kicking my, well you know.  I love it so much.  I keep riding and riding even though I am tired.  The other night I just rode around the block for 25 min.  This is after a day at work and a 30 min bike ride home.  It was after nine at night.  It was just so good.  The moon was out and the stars too.  Just beautiful, and I had it all to myself.  

This is the best bike.  I went to Cycle City in Alameda.  It is two blocks from my house.  Really.  The main thing is that they were very kind and patient with me.  I spent all day trying out bikes.  It really was all day.  I got this sweet Gary Fisher Simple City.  It is soo good I had to make my self a new cap to wear while riding it.

It's a new life,

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