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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeling Good... Nina Simone and Adam Lamert

I have to admit it.  I keep saying that I don't watch American Idol.  That I only watch it because I am spending time with Dolores (Landlady/Friend).  Okay.  I watch it.  I enjoy it.  Lucky for me we skip through most of Mr. Seacrest and the advertisements.  See Dolores has TWO degrees in music.  I feel like I am learning how to hear.  It is great.

This is the part that I am even more sheepish about.  I love the song (Feeling Good) that Adam Lamert sang last night.  I keep listening to it.  Yep, I bought it on i-tunes.  I have listened to it ten times tonight.  It is just so good.  I found out Nina Simone sang it.  I bought a copy of her singing it too.  Man, I dig that tune.  When Adam Lambert sings  it on stage he swaggers.  It is up there with my favorites now.  It is even up there with Take Five (Dave Brubeck), and Hay Jupiter (Tori Amos).

Sometimes when I am riding my bike I feel just like that song.   It is at times like this that I feel that the bike is joined with me.  We are going fast, and graceful.  Everyone else and everything else melts away and it is just us.  Just beauty, air, my body moving with rhythm in time and through space.  I can feel the wind and star light against my skin.  This is my church.  This is when I am ... and then I have no words to tell you.  But you could just listen to the song.  Close your eyes let the sounds wash over you. 

Stars you know how I feel,

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