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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The pleasure of ETSY!

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, I have a full day planned for today.  I am going to make a cap for Hal my newest cap fan.  He ordered the Red Heart Lupe Cap from my etsy site.  I am so happy.   Hal has sent me the sweetest emails.  It is just such a pleasure to make caps (or anything for that mater) for folks who really understand the goodness of a handmade item.  It is why I love to work on Etsy.
Hal lives in the same town as Charm City Cakes: Baltimore.  It is the home of The Ace of Cakes, one of my favorite shows.  (Side note: Tori Amos won a Baltimore song writing competition as a child.  She is a cute kid in the video — belting out her love of this town)  I am such a big fan about this show and the folks who work at C.C.C.   Really, what could be more traditional than a wedding cake?  When you think of a wedding cake an image pops to mind: White, fancy, flowers, multiple levels.   CCC cakes have wires and decorations coming off of them and flame job paintings, fireworks just fun crazy beautiful designs.  Charm City Cakes is a business that makes and sells an alternative to the codified type. They are extreme and loved. It inspires me not to compromise on my design.  Sometimes folks try to temper my style to make it more sale-able.  Which is a good thing they are wanting to help me,  however, I am just now finding this voice of mine and it is ... well I don't know.  I am finding that out everyday.  My point is that the success of Charm City Cakes shows that there is a place for a different point of view.  Maybe there is a place for my quirky point of view too.

The wonderful exciting part is that you get to see if I can do it.  More than that you make it possible for me to have this creative life.  I am very  thankful to all of you.  Have a great Hump day.  Photos later… of Hals cap with a twist!
P.S. Found this great music via the Found Mag. Tour.  The Watson Twins are fab!  Here is a link to the audio part of their website.  I can't get enough of them. 
Just go to the Audio in the menu bar.  You can listen to the album before you buy it! :)  The first song is so good.  I just gotta say one more thing.  Darn they have a great Web Page.  Check it out! m

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