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Friday, April 23, 2010

Roller Derby! Gal orders cap from me! alloneword

Hi All,
I am so excited.  This way cool gal in Philadelphia ordered a custom cap from me.  I get to put her Roller Derby name, team name,  and her team number on a dark blue cap.   I have so many ideas!  And she let me have carte blanche... wooo hooo ya! and a yippy!

I will post photos when it is done.

Tomorrow I am making a custom cap for my good friend Phaedra!  She wants a Dia De Los Muertos cap.  I have the perfect fabric -- dancing dead -- all dressed up (even spats).

Photo's tomorrow.

Now perchance to dream,

Here is a link to the Philidelpha Roller Derby My gal is number 305!
(Hint I really like the black tankish top with the PRD logo on it.  If you had to get some gift for me -- for next month.  For you know why... on the 28th)

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