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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chaps! Cowboy chaps... i need um.

Hey Everyone,

Well, I am car free and it is raining -- pretty hard with wind too.  Not so good.  Do I ask my friend to pick me up on her way to work?   No!  Are we mice or are we WoMEN.   So, I don my bike vestments, get my Bridgestone MB-6 (rain bike) ready to go.

The ride in to work was not that bad. At first my shoes were a little wet.  Then my pants up to the knees -- more then wet.  At about the halfway point to work every part of me that is not covered in wool is drenched.  I get to work sopping wet.  Humm.  My wool coat kept everything above my waist nice and dry.  Needless to say my alloneword cap was snuggley warm and dry too.  However, my pants not so lucky...  Then I had it!  I need Cowboy Chaps!  But made of wool not leather.

This is the perfect solution.  I can put big snaps on them and do - dads.  And I will be able to pass all the other bikers because they will be immobile due to laughing so hard.

Okay.  I will make some cute bike pants made of wool.  No Chaps.  Not yet.

Have a great day,
PS There I was at work with extra wet pants and socks.   Then I had the best idea yet -- Iron them!   Then they were toasty warm and dry.  Me smart ... You Jane.

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  1. I think you need to make the wool chaps. For serious! :)