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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi All,

Well, as you know I sold my car last month.  It was totally the right thing to do.  For my pocket book, my body, and eco - wise.   However, I have been having some difficulty switching my brain over from car ownership to car freedom.   I have all of these great options: city car share (just a 10 min walk / 2 min bike ride), Riding my bike, walking ( I live close to everything I need), and Bart/bus.   Somehow I still feel stuck here at the house.

The strange thing is I only used that car like once a month, and only if I was going off Alameda Island.  Why should its lack effect me so deeply?   Why would I want to pay so much every day for something I don't use?  

I was talking about this with my friend Jon S. and he said something about going against the socity norm.  It was such a big thought that I don't remember his exact words.  That was on Tuesday and it has finally sunk in.  I am doing something different then most folks -- by choice.  Makes me feel powerful and in control.

When I look at some of the aspects of my life it seems like that of a Victorian woman.  I own a Millinery, ride my bike around, rent a room (with a watchful lady at the helm), even the foods I eat tend to be "slow foods."  I guess that for me the big difference is that I am promoting the right to choose my transportation, not the right to vote.

There are ways that this right is just as important as other rights women have fought for.   Some people are surprised that I ride my bike at night or in the rain.  Or -- by myself -- a woman alone.   I am surprised that I am strong enough to do it, even though it is not physically difficult (given where I live).

My mind is opening as my body is becoming even stronger and healthier.  

Thank you for reading this long post.

Velo Love,


  1. Pefect thoughts for an earth day post. I applaud you for the changes you have made in your life. My bike sits on the garage wall...I miss it...I would love to do the same as you, but find it difficult to carpool kids. Someday!
    Take care

  2. Mary, It sounds like you feel the same way about giving up your car as I did about ten years ago when I gave up tv. I read some article regarding how much time people spend watching tv and it frightened me a bit. I compared it to my own watching, which wasn't very much, but after adding it all up I decided that those hours were too important to waste. I felt disconnected at first and it seemed as if so many conversations revolved around tv shows that I wasn't watching. It worried me at first, like I was slipping out of the society. I got over it though! And my life is so much better because of it. My diet, overall health, educacation, and really every other aspect of my life has improved because of it and I'll never go back to spending time in front of a tv just because it's the accepted norm. A bit of unease and second guessing is normal in adjustment periods. Your decision seems sound and makes sense for you so congratulations on taking that big step.

  3. Doing the right thing often feels strange and isolating because you are not following accepted social norms and doing what "everyone else" is doing.. This is hard, even when the accepted social norms are unhealthy, dysfunctional, or even outright destructive to the planet and to people.

    It becomes very important to find like-minded fellow travelers when one is out ahead of the pack. For most of us, every journey is made somewhat safer and more pleasant with company, at least on occasion. And having support from friends, fellow artists, customers, and others can provide this support, even if you are ahead of some of them in your practices of the artistic and green variety.