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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Blankets! Yup. Thats right Baby Blankets handmade by me.

Hi All,
Before I started making cycling caps I made quilts.   I found some fabric in my quilt stash and Voila! - Baby quilts.  Nine Baby quilts.  I have enough for the Dion Quintuplets with 4 more for you.  :)  Each quilt is about 3' square.  Perfect, I am told, for strollers and traveling.

The quilts are 100% cotton -- inside and out.  The top is hand pieced flannel in yummy soft colors and the back is also hand pieced stripes in the same super soft flannel.   Hand piecing (sewing the squares together by hand-sans machine) makes the quilt nice and floppy.  The flannel gives it a good weight & super warm.

They should be done this week and up for sale.  I am not sure if I should post them on Etsy or eBay.  Hummm.

Oh Yes!  And here are some photos:

top corner                                          back showing hand quilting.

See ya real soon,

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