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Monday, November 9, 2009

Night Rider on Watershipdown

I am super sleepy so this will be too short.  I love bike riding at night.  It is so calm and cool.  Luna was with me and she was sniffing the air the entire way home.   I must admit that I was breathing the night air deeply as well.  Hard to resist that fresh autumn sent.  The moon was half illuminated, in the fog on the horizon, peeking out between trees and houses.

I am reminded of a passage in Watershipdown.  Were it is explained so eloquently how the sun was needed and expected.  However, the glow of the moon was pure pleasure not to be counted on or useful.  Rather the moon light was intermittent and therefor to be savored.   Well that is what my sleepy head recalls at this late, or early, hour.  I will post the passage if anyone requests it.

Good Night Luna,
PS Got lots of sewing done today.  11 cap crowns and bills done.  (just need bands and tags.)

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