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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wool Cycling Cap a big hit!

I have been making wool caps, because it is so cold here in California.   Okay, it may not be as freezing as other places but, it gets cold.

Any - hoo, I have been making these wool cycling caps.  Last year I made a few and did not really care for the process nor the end product.  This year it is great!  I love making them.  The wool is easy to work with (i.e. forgiving, not wrinkling, keeping its shape).  I was super choosy and got some really nice very soft cashmere blended yummy wool.

I have sold two just today!   I am so glad that folks like them.

Here is a picture of the new grey plaid ones:

When I bought the plaid the bolt was marked "Michael Kors."  I don't know why.  However, It is a pretty rocking plaid.

You should know that Jim of Alameda Bicycle got this one, but I can make one for you too.  :)  (in less than a week)

I hope you are well.

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