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Monday, October 4, 2010

NPR and Radio Lab...

Good Morning,

Often I listen to the radio while I am sewing.  I have a new favorite RadioLab.  Two shows ago they did a program about the ways Language effects thinking and the brain.  It was very interesting.  The theory was that words and language facilitate thinking so much that it actually creates the ability to think.  Like I said it was a great show.

It got me pondering whether language was the only discipline that has this effect.  Or rather scientist look at language because it is the easiest to test.  How would one test for thought and its effects of music? Or Dance? Or Color Or Math?  It seems to me that these would have create the neural passageways and the electric jump of creativity as well as language.  Maybe it would be too difficult quantify?  Science is limited by what is testable.

Any thoughts?  Any shows or music stations you would like to suggest?

Have a great day,

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