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Monday, October 25, 2010

Phila Bike Expo-- booth number 1044 (not the battle of Hastings but cool none the less).

Hi Everyone,

I got my booth number for the Phila Bike Expo.  I'll be at booth number 1044.  I'm sharing the booth with this great company called Fabric Horse.   Her stuff is great -- well made and cool looking.

I am sewing & packing and all that jazz.  I'll post photos of the big box o' caps I'm bringing to the show.  I just decided to bring my earrings too.  Now to find boxes for folks to take them home in.

Luna and my head for business.
Part of my prep for this show was getting a credit card reader for my iPhone.  It is pretty cool and it will work well.   However, while I was setting this up I watched a bunch of tutorials about the app and how to use it.  Part of the sales pitch (for me to buy the reader) was that most Americans buy twice as much with a credit card then without one.  I knew that this was true for me as well.   Humm.   Kinda made it less fun.

More soon,

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