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Friday, October 1, 2010

Yippie! a new iron for Mary.... it is just like Christmas...

Hi Everyone,
It is just like Christmas too.  I'm not sure if that is sad.  You know being so over the moon happy that I got my new Iron in the mail to day.   When I was a kid and my Mom got some kind of practical gift - and she was happy about it - I would think to my self: Self I never want to be that old.  Excited by undies!  or worse socks!   Now here I am  Super excited over my new Iron.  I really am - Super Excited.   Even though it is  almost midnight I am going to sew sew sew.  :)   With a big smile on my face.  Because I got a new Iron.

Boys and Girls let me tell you a bit about fine bit of equipment.   First a beauty shot:

It is a dry Iron.  That means that the sole plate is smooth and that it does not emit steam.  What I use instead of the steam is a spray bottle with a water and Sta-Flo (starch) solution.  This way I am able to control exactly how much starch I want to use and the flat sole plate does not leave waffle marks on my fabric.    Extra bonus, I mix the Sta-Flo myself so I don't use any of those nasty for the environment spray cans. 

I got this beauty for 30 bucks plus shipping from the The Vermont Country Store.  If you haven't checked them out you should.  They sell bread in a can, lots of yummy candies, and really good household items that are hard to find since 1960.

I have a personal theory that some things and ideas are named incorrectly.  For example I think that my iPhone is a "smarter than me phone" not just a smart phone.   Sailing should be called Swimming -- at least for me.  Another example of this pet theory is Sewing, I feel that it should be called Ironing.  Simply because I iron more than sewing, cutting, or even shopping for fabric.

Well, enough of my geekout.  I gotta go Sew -- I mean Iron.  :)
Much Love,
PS I also love socks now.  Especially Sock Guy Socks because they are wonderful, comfortable, and they make me laugh. m

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  1. It is ok to get excited over receiving packages no matter how old you are and no matter what the package consist of! I also use the sta-flo/water mixture in a spray bottle myself - find it easier to control.
    Enjoy your new iron as you iron (aka sew).
    Take care!