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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here in Point Richmond

Hi All,
I am in Point Richmond until Sunday.  It is quite here.  One has to really listen for the sound of traffic and people.  The main sounds are (for me) the jingle of bells from the cats' collars, Luna barking at said cats, and the wonderful howl/talking of the gray hound I am watching.

There are many flowers here.  It seems that Point Richmond is the place to grow roses.  It seems that every yard has at least 3 rose bushes of different colors.  Not to be out done the Catholic and Methodist Church seem to have every color of rose bush.   To my reckoning the Catholic Church (Our Lady of Mercy) has the best roses in town.  My favorite is a bright yellow and clean white.  However, it is hard to choose because they are all just covered with blooms.

I have been ironing and ironing and ironing.  I moved my big sewing machine (a 1914 singer 29-4) out of the car and hurt my had a little bit.  That means less cutting and more ironing.  Yippy.  It is nice to see the stack of perfectly folded and crisp fabric.

Just fyi using a different sewing machine is very difficult.  I finished the one cap and mailed it.  The others are going to wait until I am home again.

I miss everyone,

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  1. Awww, house sitting is fun! Hope your hand is feeling better. I'm going to have to come to the shop for a little stitch-in soon. Miss you and have more time on my hands now...