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Monday, May 24, 2010

Splicing and not rhyming... selvage

Good Evening Everyone,
I just figured out how to attach two pieces of selvage together.  I have been sewing them by hand.  Which is time consuming and not very much fun.  Now I splice them!  Doesn't that just sound sexy?  And it is too.  As sexy as crafting can get.  Here is how to do it.

First:  One starts with a paper grocery bag of long strips of salvage that are perfectly good and can not be thrown out.  Be very carful with these.   I am convinced that they breed when unattended.

Second:  Take one strip and make a small cut parallel with the sides of the selvage.

Third: Take the next strip and make a small cut parallel with the sides of the selvage.

Fourth: Insert the second strip into the slot of the first strip.  See it really is sexy with the inserting and striping.

Fourth: Slip the end of the second strip into its own slot.

Fifth: Pull the strip all the way through the slot.

Sixth: (this is the tricky part) Slide the end of the second strip over the end of the first strip. Then a quick tug.   Voila!  Spliced.

Clear as mud.  Mud can be sexy too.  But that would be a different blog.   I'm happy to produce photos of the striping, Inserting, slots, sliding, and the singular tug.   Available by request, just like my references.

Thank you,
Mary Elizabeth
(and that is what I call eco-friendly)

Post Script  (two hours - ish later)
Just fyi the selvage is the edge of the fabric.  It has a tighter weave than the rest of the fabric and therefor is removed before sewing.  Most folks throw it away.  I just can't do that.  The salvage is so pretty and strong.  For years I would save it to use as twine.  Then a few months ago I remembered my Great - Grand ma making rugs by crochteting strips of fabric.   It is kinda hard to to but I can do it pretty well.  Here is a snap of a tea pot trivet I just made from my spliced salvage.
And what a pretty thumb I have too.  I will post this on Etsy in the am.
Thank you,

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